Digital Oil Painting video course "Plus" extra textures and brushes.

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            I'm revealing all my secrets of creating Digital Thick Paint Arts using Corel Painter and Photoshop.

For many years I've made custom digital portraits from scratch, as a traditional painter. I have got many experiences from my clients. So, my drawing technique gradually changed. As a result, I've simplified the way of making digital arts, and the process takes not so much time as before.

            Learn all the charm of Thick Paint and immerse yourself in the world of nature textures!

Are you a beginner? - Come in here! You will learn how to make picturesque portraits from ordinary photos. You don't need art education and high drawing skills.                    

Are you a professional digital artist? Do you feel that missing something in your works? Brush strokes ... nature textures ... thick paint ... You will find all the answers in this video-course.

14 videos:

  • Start to work
  • Photoshop Mixer Brush
  • Corel Painter Mixer Brush                                        
  • Oil texture imitation
  • Thick Paint

From the 1 to the 5 video - the whole process of creating a picturesque picture.

Other videos:

  • "Corel Painter brushes" - you will learn how to organize Corel Painter brushes for quick access, learn about their main settings, and how to create your own brushes.
  • "Photoshop brushes" - you will learn how to install Photoshop brushes, learn about their main settings. Also, you'll learn how to use them.
  • "Corel Painter Hotkeys" - information about Corel Painter hotkeys.
  • "Photoshop Hotkeys" - information about Photoshop hotkeys.
  • "Corel Painter Interface" - all the necessary information about Corel Painter interface, installing brushes, installing textures, etc.
  • "Corel Painter Layers" - all the necessary information about Corel Painter layers.
  • "Corel Painter Textures" - complete information about Corel Painter textures you should know.
  • "Panel for BRUSHESTROKE category" - you will learn how to customize a panel for my special BRUSHESTROKE category.
  • "Using the BRUSHESTROKE category" - information about using the BRUSHESTROKE category.

You will get all the necessary tools:

  • Corel Painter brush library: one library for Painter 2020 users (2021, 2022), the second one for users of older versions, starting from Painter 2015;
  • Additional brushes of the BRUSHESTROKE category;
  • Photoshop brushes library;
  • Corel Painter textures library;
  • Overlay textures;
  • 10 high-resolution Canvas textures;
  • Actions for Photoshop;
  • Corel Painter hotkeys text file;
  • Photoshop hotkeys text file.

If you don’t like my video course I refund all your money!

                         Enjoy watching!!!

/All the material adapted for all versions starting from Corel Painter 2015 /

/ Brush settings for older versions of Corel Painter are slightly different from brush settings for version 2020. Keep this in mind! /

In the videos, I have used music by Andrey Nailer, Glen Porter, 3D Stas.

Thanks a lot to my friends: Pennso and Benjamin! You are the best!


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Digital Oil Painting video course "Plus" extra textures and brushes.

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