Impasto Brushstrokes and Textures in PNG format | 2-nd Pack

Modo Digital Art
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Add high-quality Impasto Brushstrokes to your picture in just a few minutes!

Choose the right texture from the variety and give your picture a special, elegant look!

You no longer need to waste time looking for a high-quality brushstroke textures or a large Impasto textures. I have already picked and edited everything you need.

Also, you'll get a link to the Academy of Thick Paint's Telegram chat, where you can ask any question you like about Thick Paint and more. You will find like-minded people there, be able to share your work and evaluate the work of other artists.

This pack includes:

150 individual Impasto Brushstrokes textures in PNG format. It has 3 categories: Main, Grunge, Soft and Shine
50 large Impasto textures in PNG format

This pack does not include any video tutorials.
All the tutorials in the 1-st Pack

1-st Pack

Welcome to the Thick Paint world!

Thick Paint Academy chat


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Impasto Brushstrokes and Textures in PNG format | 2-nd Pack

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